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Home Spa Anyone?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Home Infrared Sauna Affordable

Did you know that you could create your own home spa oasis and not spend thousands and thousands of dollars? I had a client who purchased an older home that had a larger than usual bathroom - it became the perfect space to add in a home Infrared Sauna!

I know that sounds crazy but you actually can find above ground saunas that are not nearly as expensive as you might think! The particular one we chose (shown above and the link below) fits three people, has LED light therapy, is only a 120V/20amp power set up and gives you all of the amazing health benefits of using a sauna (better sleep, mood, metabolism, detox, etc).

If you have a larger bathroom or room that supports this voltage consider adding in a home sauna. It brings a unique benefit to your home from a resale perspective and also is something that you can add into your daily routine to get immediate health benefits. Infrared Sauna studios are popping up all over the country and putting one in at home not only will save you money over time but allow you to use frequently. There are also numerous studies showing the benefits of LED light therapy which is included inside the sauna as well with a bunch of different color options all with varying benefits.

Hope this is something that helps and you will consider for your own home! There are even smaller options two person options available a little less expensive as well. Enjoy!

PS: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with the above links - this helps me to continue finding and sharing new great interior design tips, tricks and pieces and I appreciate your support!

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