• Kori Kurtz

Easy Bedding Updates

Another pre listing trick (or anytime you want to freshen a space) is to update the bedding! Changing up the duvet cover and pillows can immediately give a room a modern touch and is much easier, less expensive or invasive than changing out furniture.

Here are a couple bedding options if you are wanting a quick refresh!

When in doubt (and if wanting to appeal to a variety of buyers) look to clean white linens. This California style goes with a variety of design tastes and is a super easy palette for buyers to envision themselves living in. These give the California casual linen look at a very affordable price! I recommend going in this direction or a classic light gray or tan if white is too much!

Classic, linen look. I would choose the khaki or gray and add several additional white pillows to give an extra pop! An easy guest or second bedroom update.

This is a versatile, classic print that would work well in a children's or guest room. It comes in a variety of patterns/colors but the Gray White look really stands out.

Just a couple ideas - will cover pillow updates in a future blog post!

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