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Affordable Rugs to Freshen Up Prior to Listing

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Spring is nearly here and with that comes the heavy selling season! This Spring is shaping up to be a particularly heavy one for sellers with interest rates at under 4% and a shortage of available home inventory.

One trick I love to recommend to my sellers prior to listing is to replace old or beat up rugs with a fresh piece that has a nice color for photos and makes the room look much more current.

It's a quick, inexpensive and easy fix that you can rely on to make a big boost!

Here are some of my favorites!

This is a easy modern piece that is perfect under a circular kitchen table and comes in a variety of colors as well as additional shapes. Clean look, not too shaggy, durable and in a simple current pattern and very affordable! I like the teal for a beachy look but they have grey, orange, off white etc. A real win!

Here is a larger living room or dining room rug that has a couple nice pops of blue! I have found blues to be an easy color palette that is generally well liked by a majority of buyers, adds pop to photos and usually integrates well into existing decor. This one also comes in a variety of colors and sizes, is very durable and has a current modern style.

Hopefully these rug ideas help to give a freshening up prior to listing or even if you just need a little boost to your current design palette. Rugs are an easy and inexpensive way to add color and fun and something you can change periodically without breaking the bank! Enjoy!

xx Kori

PS: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases with the above link - this helps me to continue finding and sharing new great interior design tips, tricks and pieces and I appreciate your support!

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