• Kori Kurtz

Top Tips For Working with a Contractor

Having an updated home is so key in selling for top dollar but there is good reason - updates can be tough and time consuming! With that said, there are ways to make the process much more manageable.

I think the overall concept here is to make sure you are in constant communication with your contractor. You need to be consistently in talks and on the same page and if you follow this rule and use the below tips you are in great shape should any situation arise:

1. Get Project Details in Writing Up Front

2. Have Pictures or Ideas to Show the Contractor of What You are Trying to Achieve. Also having an idea of the technical terms and work being done shows you are well informed and will be paying attention.

3. Establish Key Decision Makers (if a couple whether one or both) To Avoid Confusion

4. Get Daily Reports and Document Progress with Pictures and Communications

5. Again, Photos are Key!

6. Address Problems Right Away

7. Pay No More than 10%-15% Up Front and Only in Intervals After Progress, Cut Money Flow if Problems Arise and Until Resolved

8. Always Try to Get Contractors With Strong Referrals and Examples of Past Work

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